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10 Things You Want to Know as You Handle Your Personal Injury Case

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  1. You have 2 years from the incident date to file a lawsuit or it is barred by the statute of limitations;
  2. Do not post anything on social media about your case.  Photos of you being active will be used against you by insurance companies and are powerful evidence in front of a jury for decreasing your recovery;
  3. Do not make any recorded statements.  When you speak to your insurance company and medical providers, be honest about the accident and how it has affected you.
  4. Understand who to file a lawsuit and which county to file in.  Some counties have jury pools that award more than other counties.  Speak a lawyer about the best county for you;
  5. Do not keep anything back from your lawyer.  Your lawyer can help prepare for the problem before it becomes a disaster;
  6. Prepare your case like it is going to trial;
  7. Settlement is great…as long as it is not at a discount.  A lawyer can help value your claim. The earlier you get started working with an attorney and the more forthcoming you are with your information, the faster you may see justice in your case. Be sure to follow your attorney’s instructions, ask questions if you do not understand something, and work with your attorney to move toward a successful resolution to your personal injury law issue;
  8. Make sure you follow your treatment providers recommendations;
  9. Do not sign any medical releases for the negligent driver’s insurance company to view your medical records until you are medically stationary; and
  10. Do your homework and pick an established trial lawyer to represent you.
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