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How Are My Bodily Injuries Classified?

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Unfortunately, car/bicycle/falls are dangerous on our minds and bodies.  There are many different types of injuries.   Severe injuries are worth a lot more and you want to make sure if you are seriously injured, you have a proper diagnosis.

  • Soft Tissue Injuries- This is a category that includes sprains, strains, aches and bruises. Insurance companies will sometimes place whiplash in this category but are skeptical to accept this unless you have medical documentation.
  • Head Injuries- TBI or traumatic brain injuries can range from a concussion to permanent loss of function. Any head injury case should be viewed as serious!
  • Fracture or nerve damage- These injuries may or may not need surgery, future surgery and create permanent pain or suffering.

You want any of the symptoms above noted in your treatment notes.  Speaking with your medical professional early and making sure chart notes clearly explain the extent of injury and treatment is essential.  It is nice if a medical provider will note the injury occurred because of the crash/fall, the prognosis, estimated length of treatment, medications prescribed, the potential future permanent

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