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Personal Injury

Our lawyers can help in several ways. Most importantly, we listen to how the accident has affected you – this helps us tell your story. Our knowledge of the vehicle code is integral in proving that the accident was not your fault. As Portland Personal Injury attorneys, we have litigated thousands of cases over the years, and take a long-term approach, working hard and passionately, for our clients.Learn More »


Ben Eder, David Eder, Bob Thuemmel and Bill Uhle, our Portland DUII Lawyers, have combined to try well over 2,000 vehicle cases to Oregon Juries. They have repeatedly been asked to teach other lawyers at continued legal education seminars regarding trial skills.Learn More »

Criminal Law

All of the beliefs that Thuemmel, Uhle & Eder share in the area of DUII defense apply as well to criminal defense cases not involving alcohol. From a minor misdemeanor all the way up to the most serious felony charge, the key to a successful outcome is preparation of the defense for an eventual jury trial.Learn More »

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Thuemmel Uhle and Eder is a law firm in Oregon that specializes in criminal law, personal injury, and vehicle cases including vehicular crimes like driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII). The attorneys combine their extensive litigation experience and knowledge of the legal system to best represent your interests. The original firm was founded in 1987 and continues to focus on representing clients like they are close friends and family.

Treating The Client Fairly

We have always felt that it is important to give every client the quality of representation that we would each want for ourselves, or close friends and family members.

We will always offer to meet with you and explain the law or evaluate your case for no charge. Once HIRED, we will make all court appearances and explain to you any options you have to settle your case before trial. However, we will face a trial decision realistically and explain to you the pros and cons of a trial in your case. We have a passion for jury trials and prepare each case like it be litigated through a jury trial. Our level of preparation and experience has led to successful civil and criminal jury trials.

Please let us use our knowledge of the vehicle code, cross examining experts, settlement and litigation skills to help you stand up to insurance companies and get a fair result or defend your criminal case.

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Oregon personal injury, criminal defense, and DUII lawyers

Left to right: Ben Eder, David Eder, and Joel Sturm

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