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To plea, or not to plea.

What is it?  How can it impact your client? And what do you need to know to successfully implement it? A few years ago, represented a client who was involved in a horrific car accident. They were charged with Manslaughter in the First Degree, Assault in the Second Degree, Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants, and other misdemeanors.  The case was a tragedy on every level.  My client was an upstanding citizen, had a lucrative career, a wonderful family, and generously...

Cross Examination Tips From Ben Eder

I had the honor of presenting at the OCDLA Conference on January 27th teaching other lawyers about my cross examination style. Cross examination takes a lot of practice but it can win or help you win a case. It can be an opportunity to either support your narrative of the case through cross examination or destroy the other side's theory of the case through their witness. I start preparing my cross examination of the other side's witnesses after I have all...


What makes a good witness in court?

After every trial, I try and reflect on what went well, where I can improve, how I can better prepare a client to testify or about the process and if there is anything to change for my preparation, presentation or investigation. After years of trying cases to juries all over the state of Oregon, watching trials in the various courthouses and reading books about trial work; I believe that jurors care deeply about witness testimony. Honesty is essential and required...

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