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How much is my car accident injury case worth?

Clients often come into the office and ask how much their case is worth.   To reach maximum value, one needs to accurately weigh the following factors:
  1. Where did the accident occur?  The same case in Multnomah county versus Columbia county is worth vastly different amounts because of the jury pools.  A lawyer can help investigate whether a case can be brought in a county that is more beneficial to your case;
  2. How big was the crunch damage to the vehicles?  Juries like to see a lot of frame damage to corroborate the medical bills and pain and suffering;
  3. How long was it before you sought medical treatment?  Were there gaps in treatment?   Did medical providers find objective signs of injury/injuries;
  4. Did you have surgery;
  5. Will you need future care;
  6. Is there permanent pain;
  7. How do your chart looks read;
  8. Do you have pre-existing medical issues;
  9. What is your age and impact the crash has had on your life; and
  10. Is the client likable.  When a jury likes a client, they are willing to overlook a lot of problems in a case.
  11. Hire an experienced trial lawyer/firm.  It makes a huge difference!
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