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Do I Need a Lawyer for My Personal Injury Claim?

portland injury lawyer

Why are lawyers needed to drive up claim values?  Seasoned trial lawyers that handle personal injury cases can use their specialized skills, training and experience navigating the legal system to your advantage.  We always meet with our potential clients for free.  The free consultation allows us to make sure we are the right lawyers for your case.

If you have suffered serious or permanent injuries, a lawyer can help you calculate how much the injuries/harm is worth including future lost wages, future medical care and the value of pain and suffering.  Insurance companies may try and contest your injuries and send you to what they call an “Independent” Medical Examination.  These examinations are almost universally designed to limit your care or help lower your claim value.  You may need to hire doctors to rebut these reports or a specialist to review them.  Having a lawyer that can pay for legal consultations (not medical treatment) on your behalf can help balance out the insurance companies and get your claim back on track.

Meeting with a lawyer early in the case process will help you position your case in a way to maximize recovery.

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