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Why should you hire a trial lawyer for your personal injury case?

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Most cases settle before trial.  Trials are stressful and risky.  So why do we recommend you hire a seasoned trial lawyer if you don’t want to go to trial?  It is simple.  Insurance companies keep tabs on the lawyers that go to trial.  The moment a client comes into our firm, we work the case up like it will have a full trial.  We are immediately gauging how our client would fare in front of a jury, how the witnesses or medical providers will be seen by jury and how to best position your case for recovery.

We don’t cut corners on preparing a case for trial so that if a case does need to be tried, we are ready.

Our firm is dedicated to getting full value on cases.  We look at every case as an opportunity to tell the insurance company that we will not settle unless we believe the maximum value has been obtained.

The lawyers in our firm have each tried at least 100 jury trials.  In our opinion, a trial lawyer needs to effectively tell your story to a jury.  This comes from being viewed as honest, personable and carrying your narrative throughout a case.  An experienced and effective trial lawyer can help settle your case for more than other lawyers

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