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What Should Everyone Think About When Handling a Personal Injury Claim

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Insurance companies are skilled in negotiations.  A claims adjuster may try and be your best friend or talk sternly to you.  Each type of adjuster has the same goal….to settle the claim for as little money or compensation as possible.

Negotiating your bodily/personal injury claim starts the moment you make a claim.  Here are a few tips to help position your case and reach a fair settlement.

  1. Do not rush through the process. It is a process.  To maximize your value, you want to be honest, polite and prepared.  Do not assume your case will settle….no matter how clear you believe the fault or injuries are in your case.
  2. Do not give a recorded statement to the at-fault party’s insurance company. Even if you have nothing to hide (which we would expect) you do not want to give any statement that will be used against you in a future crash analysis, injury denial etc.
  3. Do not sign a medical release and do not turn over your medical records until you have had a chance to review them. Your injury can change over time and you want to make sure the records are accurate.
  4. Be patient. If an adjuster believes you need a quick resolution, your claim will settle for a very low value.
  5. Talk to a personal injury lawyer before tell an insurance company what you want to resolve a case. A personal injury lawyer can frame your case into a legal narrative that will set you up for a much better settlement.
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