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Why do I need a lawyer for my personal injury case?

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Insurance companies know an unrepresented person is going to have a hard time setting up a case for litigation, handling discovery requests, depositions, filing a lawsuit, paying for doctors/medical providers to testify or trying a case to a jury.

Having a lawyer early in the case can help in the following way:

  1. Conducting a thorough investigation with witnesses;
  2. Creating a barrier between you and the insurance companies which are always looking for ways to diminish the value of your claim;
  3. Creating a crash reconstruction or laying out the applicable Oregon code dictating rights and duties;
  4. Reviewing your treatment notes/progress;
  5. Meeting with your medical providers to see if records need correcting/explaining to match the standards for compensation in Oregon;
  6. Building up a narrative that takes your facts and builds a legal argument around them to drive up your case value; and
  7. Having a skilled lawyer advising, managing and taking your case to a jury if needed will also likely build tremendous value to your claim.

You want an experienced trial lawyer on your case.  It will help you receive a maximum monetary recovery and the lawyer’s reputation can help resolve the case short of a trial.

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