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Nobody wants to have to hire a lawyer. Choosing a lawyer can be difficult and stressful. We recommend that you don’t try and hire a lawyer over the phone. It’s important to meet with the lawyer to determine if that is the right lawyer to work with. If we don’t believe we are the best lawyers to handle your case, we will give you other lawyers’ contact information. We want to help you. Our clients choose us because we are honest, diligent, responsive, knowledgeable and can use our experience to get the best outcome possible for your case. We will explain our process, communicate our strategy and use our expertise to try your case, file motions and/or resolve the case to protect your interests.

A lawyer is needed for a DUII or other vehicular related case because each case is unique, complicated and has lasting effects on your life. It’s important to consider both long and short term consequences. You can ask us questions and there won’t be hidden fees. We know that each case is the most important case to our clients so we treat our clients like we would want our lawyer to treat us. Our philosophy is to use the law and our experience to your advantage. This includes analyzing the case for legal defenses, factual defenses, assisting with the court process, DMV process and other penalties you may hope to avoid or reduce. We will give you a genuine assessment of your case and your options when we have all the facts. Our reasoning will be based on years of jury trial experience, the statutes and case law that applies to your case and how we can help. We hope that you give us a chance to work for you or your loved one.

For the past 30 years, Thuemmel Uhle & Eder have specialized in DUII defense. Coordinating a defense with the Motor Vehicles Division, the Courts, and with issues of possible jail, license suspension, and job consequences has been what we do on a daily basis for a variety of clients with a variety of different needs. Oregon’s “no plea bargaining” law tying the hands of prosecutors in DUI defense cases is a good fit for the style of Thuemmel Uhle & Eder, where experience has taught us over and over again that jury trials often lead to more successful outcomes. At a minimum, the hours of preparation and dedication building a defense is in our client’s interest. We work on a flat fee so the client can call, e-mail or meet with us without worrying about whether there will be an additional charge.